As our gift, we would love to share John-Roger’s book, Journey of a Soul.  This short, informative book explores the nature of your true essence, the Soul. It answers such questions as: What is a Soul? Why does a Soul come to earth? What is reincarnation? How does karma work?

The book will leave you with a deeper understanding of who you truly are and why you are here. It is available as a free eBook or you can request a hardcover version by mail (for a small shipping fee.) There is no obligation.  It is simply our gift so you can explore the teachings of MSIA.




What is a Soul?

The Soul, which is more directly the spark of God, was evolved and was given the opportunity to experience all levels and layers and planes and realms of experience and being.  Soul can inhabit any form it wishes.  Its job, its reason for being, is to experience all it can on every level it can – thereby growing in awareness of its own divine nature.  And the soul that has experienced all is God, is one with God.  But this experience of God is tremendously large and complex, so the soul spends tremendous time in its patterns of evolvement through the realms of experience back into the awareness and knowledge of its divine nature.







 Why does a Soul come to Earth?

In the beginning of time, God was in all places in an absolutely pure state.  And in this purity, it was a void – without specific consciousness.  In essence, God did not know itself, in awareness, in its greater beingness.  So God instituted patterns of creation.  It created universes, within which was what appeared to be solid objects (which we call planets) and less solid material (which we call space).  All of it is God in its different manifestations.  And God instituted the plan that every part would know every other part – through experience.  Thus the soul, which is more directly the spark of God, was evolved and was given the opportunity to experience all levels and layers and planes and realms of experience and being.







What is reincarnation?

A soul starts by incarnating once onto the physical realm, into a physical human form.  If that form could walk through its life here in perfect balance, it might complete and free itself from this realm and earn the opportunity to continue its evolvement on higher realms.  But when the soul incarnates into physical form, it is usually inexperienced in the ways of this world and gets sidetracked.  It’s all a part of learning.  So as it goes through its life plan, it is apt to create imbalance.  Then when the time comes for the body to die, there are often karmic situations that have never been balanced.  Thus, the soul, at a later time, embodies again onto the physical realm so that it can clear its debts, right the wrongs, and bring balance and harmony.  





 How does karma work?

Karma is the law of cause and effect: as you sow, so you reap. Simply stated, what you put out, you get back.  If you cause imbalance, the effect is that the imbalance is returned to you, as its creator, and you get to make it right.  This, in essence, is the action of karma. And it is the creation of karmic situations that institutes the action of reincarnation. Karma is always with yourself, not with anyone else. Others in your life just fit within that karmic flow. If they flow into it the way you like it, you call that “good karma.” If they fit into it in ways that you don’t like, you call that “negative karma” or “bad karma.” You’re the one who’s deciding “good” and “bad;” the karma is not good or bad, the karma just is. Love your karma. It is your opportunity to learn and to gain wisdom.