Soul Awareness Seminars are gatherings that offer you a direct and intimate experience of God and the Traveler. Using a recorded John-Roger or John Morton seminar or meditation as a focus, they are a great way to re-energize your spiritual focus when the world distracts you from your loving and joy.

Soul Awareness Seminars are hosted regularly in MSIA communities around the world with a focus of upliftment, joy, laughter, love, and light.


Soul Awareness Seminars are a great way to connect with people who also hold an intention to learn and grow spiritually.  If you are new to MSIA they can be a good place to meet others who have been studying the teachings.



John-Roger and John Morton seminars provide practical information while lifting your consciousness.   You may arrive with questions or the effects of a long day and leave uplifted and with fresh perspectives.


Becoming a Soul Awareness Seminar Leader can be a wonderful way to express your ministry and be of service to your community. Some people say that Soul Awareness Seminars are the one of the best kept secrets in MSIA.

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